Gesundheit ohne Grenzen

Starting point

In the course of implementing the project "Zdraví – Health", further possible topics for mu-tually-beneficial cooperation were defined and new problems identified which must be solved before a cross-border provision of healthcare will genuinely be possible in the full sense of that term.

In the long run the aim is to bring the services provided by the respective health systems into harmony with the needs of the local population in the border region. It is a matter of laying the foundation for a sustainable cross-border cooperation between the project part-ners, by ensuring that equal-value access to the provision of health care is made possible on both sides of the border. The "Zdravi" project created the basis for the partners to co-operate. "Health Without Borders" builds upon these results and deepens the cooperation. Similarly, the cooperation is broadened out by the involvement of the Vysocina administra-tive district. This, supported by the EU Directive on cross-border patient mobility, commits the project partners to a long-term cooperation in the health sector. The project partners have already agreed to cooperate over the long term (10-year time horizon).

The project is intended to serve the purpose of deepening the transfer of know-how with other regions confronting similar problems; the aim is to guarantee this through a trans-ferability of the project results. In the long term, the objective is a joint regional structural planning in the provision of health care, to achieve increases in efficiency and cost savings.

In contrast to other regions in Europe, in which there is a long tradition of cooperation in providing health care, there is still catching-up to be done in terms of cross-border coop-eration in the Lower Austria-Czech Republic border region

Networks are being built up which are providing the direct link-up, on the sport and across the border.

In particular, the project is aimed at the following subject areas:

  • Human resources in health-care provision – analyses of Lower Austria, Southern Moravia and Vysocina
  • Strategic possibilities for cross-border cooperation between hospitals
  • Innovative approaches to solutions for health-care provision in the area of demo-graphic change and the ageing of the population