Zdravi - Gesundheit


The project takes the first steps in cross-border health information inquiries and cooperation of hospitals and ambulance rescue services. It will also support exchange of information and knowledge and possibly also common adjustments to future health care in the border regions.

The project also has synergies with other activities (and projects) in the programme area.

  • Language Competence Centre (SKZ): language courses offered by SKZ will be attended by the Health project participants. SKZ staff will take part in project working group meetings, noting down dates and producing a pocket dictionary.
  • Save Regions: cooperation in ambulance rescue services and legal issues
  • Healthacross: Exchange between the South Moravian and South Bohemian regions of the Czech Republic

Political meeting

11.05.2009, Landhaus St. Pölten

Federal state councillor Mag. W. Sobotka and regional councillor MUDr. O. Ryšavý

Opening meeting

17.06.2009, Laa/Thaya

Kick-off-press conference






opening and welcome – Land MP and mayor Mag. Karl Wilfing


Zdraví-Gesundheit Project
Content – Goals – Partners

MUDr. Oldřich Ryšavý – South Moravian Regional Assembly
Mag. Elke Ledl – NÖGUS
Cross-border health care in the Maas-Rhein Euroregion
Brigitte van der Zanden




Working groups and activities
epidemiology – rescue services – hospital care – advertising
Ing. Lucie Karpíšková, Jitka Pačinková


conclusion of the opening meeting, refreshments

On 17 June 2009, the opening meeting of the Health project took place in the Therme Laa Hotel in Laa an der Thaya. Thirty-two persons participated, as members of the steering group and the project working groups, Epidemiology, Hospital Care, Ambulance Rescue Service. The meeting was opened by the mayor of Laa, Ing. Manfred Fass, the mayor of Poysdorf Mag. Karl Wilfing and the councillor for health care of the South Moravian Region MUDr. Oldřich Ryšavý.

Mag. Elke Ledl introduced the project and then followed with a presentation of Brigitte van der Zanden who works in the Maas – Rhein Euroregion and who has been collecting experience in cross-border health care for some time.

After the break, J. Pačinková, representative of Weinviertel Management, and L. Karpíšková from the South Moravian Regional Development Agency introduced the specific content of the project, its goals and outcomes. Open discussion followed. The meeting was concluded by a press conference with 10 media representatives and 2 Czech television teams.

Working group meetings

23.09.2009, Laa/Thaya

On 23 September, all project working groups met again in the Therme Laa hotel.

Mag. E. Ledl, representative of the leading partner – the Lower Austria Hospital Holding , presented the specific structure of the project, tasks of individual working groups, further steps until the end of 2009 and first half of 2010. Mrs. Brigitte van der Zanden then introduced an example from the Maas-Rhein region, regarding costs refunds. Participants then became acquainted with the advertising of the project (website, leaflets, newsletter).

After the break, working group members discussed separately about the tasks and goals which need to be achieved during the project. They also agreed on the dates of future working group meetings.