Zdravi - Gesundheit


1. Partner

Leading partner – Lower Austria Hospital Holding
Project Partner 1 – Weinviertel Management
Project Partner 2 – South Moravian Region
Project Partner 3 – South Moravian Regional Development Agency

2. Project duration

October 2008 – September 2011

3. Goals

The project has general and specific goals.  

General goals

  • Harmonisation of health care systems of neighbouring EU countries
  • Finding synergies and thus improving efficient use of financial resources of both countries
  • Cooperation aiming towards cross-border health care Defining common quality criteria in hospital care, rescue services and health care administration
  • Improving communication between inhabitants of the border regions

Specific goals:

  • Improving awareness about the population in the region
  • Prevention by improving living conditions concerning the environment and health care
  • Exchange of epidemiological data Cross-border information about current infectious diseases
  • Possibilities of cooperation between the South Moravian Region and Lower Austria in radiotherapeutical care
  • Extending cross-border communication of ambulance services in South Moravia and Lower Austria